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Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya

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History of Boarding Schools Suryalaya
Suryalaya boarding school founded by Sheikh Abdullah binMohammed Nur, known as Abah Sepuh call, during perintisannyamany obstacles and barriers, both from the Dutch colonialgovernment as well as from the surrounding community. Also the natural environment (geographical) is quite difficult.
But Thank God, by Allah's will and also for the blessing of histeacher, Sheikh bin Talabudin Kalisapu Tholhah Cirebon all thatcan be passed safely. Up on 7 Rajab 1323 H or 5 September 1905, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammad Noor to set up a boarding school, although with an initial capital of a mosque located in the village Godebag, the village of Tanjung Kerta. Pondok PesantrenSuryalaya term itself is taken from sunda namely Surya = Sun,Laya = Place of publication, so Suryalaya literally means place ofsunrise.
In the beginning, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohamed Noor had hesitated,but his teacher Shaykh bin Talabudin Tholhah provide motivationand encouragement are also special assistance to him, even hehad lived a few days as a form of blessing and support. In 1908 orthree years after the founding of boarding school Suryalaya AbahSepuh get khirqoh (strengthening legitimacy as a teacher Murshid)of Shaykh ibn Talabudin Tholhah
Over time, the Pondok Pesantren Suryalaya growing and gained the recognition and sympathy from the public, educational facilitieswere increasing rapidly, so did the number of followers / disciplesare called brothers.

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